Looking for Garage Liability or Garage-keepers (GKLL) coverage? Then you've come to the right place! With multiple Garage Markets to choose from, one of them is sure to be the perfect home for your risk. We write anything from repair and servicing to accessory installation, towing, storage, and small valet parking risks. Our carriers specialize in the small mom & pop auto dealers as well. We can even assist you with accounts that have had a lapse in coverage.

Premium Basis:
  • Garage – # of employees, owners, & officers
  • Garage Keepers Legal – total value & # of vehicles

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Applications for Coverage
 Auto Auction (Colony)
 Emergency Vehicles and Equipment (Colony)
 Garage (Colony)
 Garage (Verus)
 Garage Property (Colony)
 Heavy Vehicle and Equipment (Colony)
 Heavy Vehicle and Equipment (Verus)
 Motorcycle, Watercraft or Off-Road (Colony)
 Recreational Vehicle (Colony)
 Storage Facility (Colony)
 Tire Shop Questionnaire (Verus)
 Tow Truck Operators (Colony)
 Valet Parking (Colony)
 Valet Special Event (Colony)
 Wholesale Dealers (Colony)


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Diane Browning, ASLI, INS
Broker Info
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Steven Curtis